Everyone uses their life for something. That is unavoidable. The question is, to WHAT do we dedicate our lives? To our own happiness? To religion? To others? To our career? To fitness?
  We only have one life. As the saying goes, life isn’t a dress rehearsal! It’s a tragic thing to watch someone waste their life on frivolous things. I am by no means saying we shouldn’t have fun – I’m saying the opposite. We should have our fun by pursuing the things that bring fulfillment. And certain things are universally fulfilling!
  It is universally fulfilling.- even universally NECESSARY for fulfillment, happiness, and peace to live for: worshipping God through service to others. The exciting thing is that there are limitless possibilities as to how you can live that out!
  You can post encouraging things on social media. Bake a casserole for the new neighbors. Mail a get-well card to someone who has a cold. These things are simple, but this is how a person uses their life to the fullest.
  This is how a person who’s principles are about love and faith can live out what they say. This is true service to God. Pretty much everyone has certain principles that they profess. But I don’t think we really believe in these principles unless we’re practicing them.
  My prayer for each of us, myself included, is that we stop being noisy hypocrites, and instead be quiet practitioners of God’s agape (essentially unconditional) love.


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