Letting Go vs. Holding On

  In every relationship, we have to strike a balance between holding on/not giving up, & letting go/not clinging to the past. This certainly is not easy. When things get hard, some people find it easier to give up without fighting for the relationship. Others find it difficult to let go when the time comes to do so, and tragically continue fighting for the relationship even when the love is dead.
  I think we all fall into one of these two categories. The question, therefore, isn’t “Do I make mistakes in relationships?”, but rather, “What sort of mistakes do I make, and what can I do to improve?”
  First of all, don’t allow guilt and/or fear to drive your life, including your relationships. I believe these two emotions are the root of the brokenness in any relationship.
  I’ve found that an important thing to remember is the old adage, “Know thy enemy.” Recognize and be aware of your weaknesses in life, especially in your relationships. Identify your specific fears and guilts.
  Rather than doing the exact opposite of what the voices of fear and guilt are commanding, try to strike a healthy balance between these negative emotions, and your positive hopes, dreams, passions, happiness, etc.
  Don’t be negative, but don’t be a pollyanna either. Be balanced. That really is the key to life! Balance. Looking at both sides of the coin.
  Never let your fears control you, but never ignore God-given warning signs!
  Sometimes we need to dig in our heels and fight the circumstances/feelings/etc and keep going. But sometimes, God is ending a chapter in our life’s story, so that we can move on to greater things.  
To disobey God by clinging to a person He wants us to let go of is to cheat ourselves of great blessings.
  Remember, God’s ways are higher than ours, His thoughts higher than our thoughts. We have to trust Him. His will really is perfect. We may not see the big picture, but He does – I believe it because I’ve lived it.


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