Tonight I keep thinking about painful relationships. I am currently in the midst of a very complicated friendship. It’s very painful, but I know in this situation that 1.God is in control 2.I am walking in obedience to God, therefore I shouldn’t worry.
  I think that too often we humans allow our fear of pain (in any form) to hold us back. Relationships not only are no exception, but in fact this problem is magnified under the microscope of love (whatever sort of love that may be). Our instinct is to end a relationship as soon as it gets tough. As soon as the other person hurts us. As soon as the other person becomes afraid, and expresses their fear by faking anger.
  We must remind ourselves that the best, most beautiful things in life are very costly. A loving, deep, fulfilling relationship requires sacrifice. We must lay aside our self-centered thinking, our fear, our pain, & our desire for instant happiness. Instead we must choose to focus on tomorrow while appreciating yesterday and enjoying today. Not easy! But so worth it.
  Some practical applications of this would include, thinking about how the other person will be affected by our words before we say them, doing small thoughtful things for the other person, and listening more than we speak.
  I’ve learned that relationships of any sort – romantic, friendship, family, etc. – are improved when we do these things.
  May God help us as we try to live these ideals!


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