Thank God!

  It is truly tragic, in my opinion, that so many people go through life with a sense of dread and gloom. Most of those people are actually quite blessed! But they are so consumed with ingratitude, fear, selfishness, and pride, that they completely miss out on enjoying their blessings.
  How often do you stop and ponder all the gifts God has given you? “But I’m sick!”, “My kids are going away!” or, “My marriage is failing!” you say. I mourn with you. But don’t lose sight of the small gifts God daily showers upon us unworthy sinners.
  Things like fresh flowers in spring, pleasant rain in summer, colorful leaves in autumn, pristine snowscapes in winter, the laughter of children, a dear friend who stands by us, a good book, etc. These are gifts that we take for granted because we are so busy wasting our time wallowing in self-pity and even in fear.
  Parents, your children learn by example! Are you showing them with your life what it is to daily practice gratitude, generosity, and contentment, or are you instead demonstrating selfishness, greed, and self-pity?
  Furthermore, for those of us who are not parents (and even for parents too), let me remind you that we are ambassadors for Christ. What we say, and how we live, is a demonstration of, and reflection upon, the Kingdom of God.
  How does our attitude reflect on Him? What sort of message are we sending the world about what it’s like to walk with Christ? Are they seeing the truth, that it’s an adventure and gift? Or are we, with our lousy attitudes, implying that it’s scary, lonely, and dark?
  Furthermore, what about our own happiness? I assure you, you cannot be happy until you’ve learned how to practice gratitude and optimism. It’s a miserable way to live, always wanting more – more happiness, more money, more status, more green lights on your morning commute, more more more.
Enough already! Why should God give us any more when we’re not even grateful for what He has given us so far? You and I aren’t even deserving of these things, let alone worthy of receiving even more!
  Think how you would feel if you gave your beloved child a gift they’d begged for months to receive, and didn’t even acknowledge it? And then had the chutzpah to immediately ask for something else? And, finally, they continued this pattern when every gift you gave them?
  Well, guess what! That’s exactly what we humans tend do to our Heavenly Father! We are more than happy to beg Him to give us what we need in a crisis, but as soon as we are out of the woods, some of us virtually ignore Him.
We forget that we are frail creatures, made from dust, and to dust we shall return. We need God to give us breath! To give us hope! To give us peace! To give us purpose! What infuriating (to me) ingratitude to not constantly and profusely thank God for the countless gifts He gives us!

~Oh God, may we humbly bow at your feet in adoration and gratitude every day. May we put aside our priorities, and simply serve you in joyful thanksgiving. We love you Lord… Thank you, a thousand times thank you, for dying for us, who are wretched sinners! We commit to being salt and light in this dark and hopeless world. In Jesus’ name, Amen.~


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