A true friend “sees the beauty in us others do not see” (to quote a dear friend of mine). But this by continuance means that they see the vulnerable areas in us that others do not see. They see our shame, our fear, our passions, our weaknesses, our greatest joys and deepest sorrows. To see the beauty in us others do not see, they must see these other things.
  If they see these other things, they possess the power to make us or break us. We are sacrificing our emotional safety. And oh, the rewards we reap in living love! But oh, the sorrows we suffer when we are betrayed.
  Sooner or later, we all have to realize that even the best intentioned people will let us down in some way at some point – not to mention the ill intentioned folks who purposely hurt us!
  So we can’t peacefully and happily live life if we base our happiness on the acceptance and loyalty of other human beings, who are as broken as we are. Our lives must be rooted in love – but not the fake “love” that deteriorates over time. It must be real love, that’s lasting, strong, unconditional, perfect, fearless, and careful. Where could such love be found?
  There is only one answer: Jesus Christ. He gave His life for the whole world, who insulted, rejected, ignored, and humiliated Him. He was (and is) THE perfect, sinless, loving God! He had every right to be angry and to cast us all aside forever. But He didn’t! Instead He died so we could live, then resurrected Himself so death was conquered! What love, mercy, grace, and compassion He has for us!
  We as human beings are at once incapable, and yet desperately in need, of unconditional love. The only answer to this dilemma is to fall in love with Christ! Let Him shower you with love, and shower others with love through you. What joy this brings! How deeply and completely satisfying is His love!
  He sees in all of us the beauty others do not see. He knows our vulnerabilities because He made us! And yet, He never uses them (intentionally, or -certainly not- unintentionally) for anything but our ultimate good and His ultimate glory! That is so comforting!
  Find your fulfillment in a relationship with Jesus. Let Him control all other relationships, and put Him first always. You’ll never go wrong that way!


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