Beauty Is Not Skin Deep

  Our global culture places much emphasis on external attractiveness. In recent years, this mindset has been taken to an absurd extreme. I, as much as the next person, like to look nice. I take care of my appearance, and try to dress attractively and wear my hair nicely, etc. Don’t we all? There isn’t anything wrong with that, either!
  What IS wrong is an obsession with our appearance that causes us to strive for “perfection” (whatever THAT is!). Worst of all, some people base their sense of self-worth and self-confidence on whether or not the culture says they’re physically attractive. That is so tragic and distorted!
  It is absolutely heartbreaking that (at least in America) eating disorders are steadily on the rise among children, even girls as young as twelve! Something in society is terribly amiss if children are feeling that their young bodies are “ugly” or “fat”. Obviously, we are overdue for drastic change in our culture’s definition of “beauty”. This change starts with you and me.
  It is important that we teach young people that external attractiveness does not define them! That beauty comes in every shape, size, skin tone, hair and eye color, etc. No one form of physical beauty is superior to another!
  Most importantly, it is imperative that “Generation X” realize that outer beauty is only temporary. The significant form of beauty/attractiveness for which we should all strive is the beauty of a gentle, loving, kind spirit. It shows itself not in well-applied makeup, nice clothes, cute hairstyles, etc., but in selfless service, a kind word, a warm hug, a listening ear. This inner beauty does not concern itself with the latest fashion in clothing, rather it cloaks itself in the “classic” cloak of humility. It does not fade with the ravages of age and time, but increases proportionally to the increase of wisdom, experience, and love in the person who has it. This timeless inner beauty cannot be purchased for any sum of money, but is attained through selflessness and love. THIS is the beauty we must teach our children to seek and cultivate.
  We wonder why the world is in chaos; one reason is because the world is overrun with sad, empty, self-loathing people who are desperately searching for value and purpose. I propose to you that if children are taught from the very beginning who they are in Christ, and that no one and nothing can diminish their worth in Him, many of society’s ills would be cured.


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