Grace Without Measure

  The church is supposed to be a spiritually & emotionally safe place where broken souls can let their wounds heal in the open, without fear of condemnation. The church should be a shelter from the battering of the world.
  Sadly, this is not the case. The people in the church are typically just as cruel as non-church people. This is not as it should be, my friends! We, as self-proclaimed “little Christs”, have failed miserably if people are battered and/or condemned by us!
  I could fill a large volume with the many occurrences of cruelty (in one form or another) perpetrated BY Christians TO Christians, which I personally have witnessed. Oh, how this saddens me! And oh, how this saddens our Lord Jesus.
  Not only are we actively cruel to one another, we also tend to be cruel by way of inaction.
  Sometimes those people with the brightest smiles are struggling the hardest. No one has all their ducks in a row all the time. Sooner or later, even the strongest among us will stumble & even fall flat on their face. For a wide variety of reasons, these people will pretend they’re okay when they’re really not.
  When they put on that act, you & I face a choice: will we respond with compassion? Or will we judge & condemn them? Will we ignore their suffering? Or will we give agape-style Love?
  Let me remind you that Holy Scripture makes it abundantly clear that NONE of us have any right to judge one another. Jesus has given each of us Grace without measure. It is our command to “pay it forward.”


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